EcoFinish Design Stencils

EcoFinish StencilWe now have some new options we can do with EcoFinish. EcoFinish is the wave of the future for pool resurfacing as it is a plastic powder coating for swimming pool and spas alike.  EcoFinish now has available custom stenciling. Originally developed to give us the option to put depth markers and no dive symbols on commercial pools, we are now able to make almost any kind of graphic, font, etc. and spray that into the finish with different colors making it part of the finish itself.  For instance, at the end of the month, we have a customer that wants his logo of his cottages in Sarasota, FL put on the bottom of the pool as an accent point of the pool.  We will be spraying his logo on with a two color stencil process which is going to be a great look for his business.

EcoFinish DesignThe nice thing about these stencils, if the company, for whatever reason, no longer wants the logo there, or lets say changes their name and logo, we can easily spray over the logo with the base color of the pool, covering up the logo, and leave it blank, or spray a new name or logo to replace it.  If you can think it up on the computer, chances are, we can turn it into stencil and spray it into the pool’s finish.  A great added feature we can give to our customers.  We invite you to keep an eye out for this example either on our facebook page, or website, .  Thanks for your time!

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