Pool Renovation & Resurfacing

Swimming Pool & Spa Resurfacing and Renovations

We can bring almost ANY pool back to life. From a new interior finish featuring our incredible new line of Wet Edge Quartz and Pebble finishes  or EcoFinish colors, to replacing old out dated equipment to improve your old pool by leaps and bounds!

Wet Edge Technologies is the next generation of plaster pool finishes that manufactures quartz and pebble finishes that include seven product lines offering over 80 color combinations.

EcoFinish’s Aqua Bright™ is a revolutionary smooth plastic pool finish that virtually eliminates many of the traditional plaster and paint coating shortcomings. EcoFinish is very eco-friendly because it greatly reduces the use of chemicals used to balance your pool or spa. Also, the amounts of fossil fuels needed to mine, transport and apply traditional plaster are no longer used. It is the wave of the future and is the new alternative to plastering, painting or fiberglassing of pools and spas.

Let us meet with you and show you all the new technologies our industry has improved through the years. We can add water features, new tile, coping, paver decks, or even L.E.D. lighting to your pool. You’ll love the new things we can offer to your pool!

The most common pool remodeling and resurfacing services we do include:
• Re-surfacing pool & spa surfaces with Wet Edge plaster quartz, pebble, or EcoFinish Plastic Powder Coating
• New Paver deck and coping installations
• Replacing older tile with a newer styles
• Installation of LED pool lighting

Check our before and after photos: