Valve Maintenance

Multiport_valve We had a surprise today with one of our commercial accounts. They called and the pool was down overnight 1 foot. Ouch! Turns out one of the sand filter’s multi port valve was leaking.

Here’s note if you own a filter with a multi port valve. Many of them have a pin that go through the handle that attaches it to the diverter stem. Those pins should be firmly inserted into the handle flush. Sometimes they like to work loose and if it comes out enough, will cause the valve diverter not to seat properly and it will leak out the backwash line. Another hint with multi port valves, the stem o-ring, as it ages, gets dry and sticky and can also cause the diverter not to sit down on the gasket inside the valve and cause it to leak out the backwash line. A simple tech fix for this is get some silicone spray lubricate and give it a good shot right at the stem of the valve.

Now its very important that you use silicone lubricant and not oil or WD40. Petroleum products will cause o-ring damage and break them down. Not a good thing. Once you give a good shot of silicon just under the hand where I’ve shown in the picture above, work the handle around a bit to work the silicone into the o-ring. You’ll find the valve is easier to operate and in many cases stop those annoying drips and leaks out the backwash line.

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